What is Teacher Professional Development?

According to Cambridge International, Teacher Professional Development (TPD) “involves a continuous process of reflection, learning and action to further a teacher’s knowledge and skills, leading to enhanced teaching practices that positively impact on students’ learning.

How does that definition sit with you?

Do you believe that you have all the knowledge to be an effective teacher? Or do you believe with the definition above that gaining skills and knowledge is a continuous process?

How does a commitment to Teacher Professional Development helps teachers progress?

We agree that TPD is a continuous process. If you choose to believe you cannot further your skills and knowledge, how can you expect to keep up with the changing demands of the world around you or in the classroom?

As teachers, it it our job to remain up to date and relevant to ensure that we are providing the best possible education for our learners. New pedagogical research is published, traditional methods are updated, and it may well be that the ways things have always been done is most definitely not the best way to do things. By committing to TPD, you will learn new skills and add to your existing knowledge base aligned to the latest research. Teach2030 is aligned to the Cambridge Teaching Standards to ensure we are providing the best possible support for our teachers.

Over time as you increase your knowledge and implement new techniques in your classroom, you will create a better learning environment. This will increase your confidence and maybe even improve your career prospects, as opportunities might arise that weren’t previously available to you.

What topics does Teacher Professional Development cover?

It could cover any area of teaching including:

  • Subject specific areas such as Lesson Planning
  • Teaching methodology
  • Educationcal methodology
  • Policies
  • Assessment data
  • Roles and responsibilities

What form does Teacher Professional Development take?

TPD can take place in a variety of ways:

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