Why It’s Important to Upskill

As educators it is our duty and daily experience to teach students, ready them for assessments and broaden their learning journey to prepare them for life. Therefore, surely it is also our duty to remain relevant? To develop our own skills and abilities to ensure we are providing our learners with the best education we can give them? In that sense then, we must ensure to continue our own professional development. We should always be working towards upskilling and progressing in our own learning journey to become better at what we do.

The importance of upskilling cannot be under-estimated and in doing so it comes with a plethora of benefits and opportunities. As the world is changing and progressing so must we in order to remain relevant, not become out-dated or irrelevant in our classrooms or to our students. It is important to move forward with a growth mindset, where we are open to learning and developing our methodologies, or improving our knowledge and practice, even changing how we do things.

When we teach, it is all to easy to become caught up in the daily pressures and responsibilities to our workplace but it is equally important to find time and put it aside to develop our careers. We cannot and must not remain static – it is our duty to ourselves and our students.

Professional development in teaching means just that – to move forward, to develop and learn more about what we do and how to do it. In doing so we allow ourselves to become more confident. It may put us in positions for promotion or greater employment opportunities which may lead to salary boosts. Most of all though, we gain greater job satisfaction in knowing that our learners are receiving the very best we can give to them – and they all deserve that, right?

With greater societal changes constantly taking place, the very career we are in lends itself to constantly adapting and improving our styles in order to meet the needs of present-day learners. Digital professional development is becoming ever more popular and convenient as a way to continue our professional development in bitesize, easy to manage sessions. Teach20230 is a great place to start or continue your own professional development with a wide range of opportunities to engage with. The courses are designed with practical activities to test out and apply in classrooms, or the monthly workshops provide a forum for discussion on significant educational issues. Weekly teaching tips give hints on smaller ideas to implement within your practice or simply browse the site to see which aspect of professional development suits.

We should never stop developing ourselves within teaching; it is our responsibility to prepare our young people for the range of challenges and experiences ahead of the. We need to give them the tools for success but we should also ensure we have the tools to give.

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