Become a Digital Learner: Using Your Smartphone (Beginner)

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Do you have a smartphone but aren’t sure of how to use it effectively? This course is designed for teachers and educators who are curious about how to use their smartphone to support their personal and professional life. Our course will help you discover what a powerful learning tool your smartphone actually is!

We believe that everyone can learn from this course, but if you feel you are already confident with certain topics or lessons, you will be able to skip sections. Please note that you will need to answer questions on the whole course to pass the assessment.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Define digital learning and identify your digital literacy learning gaps;
  • Explain the meaning of digital words and phrases;
  • Source, create and evaluate different digital resources;
  • Effectively use your smartphone to improve your digital literacy;
  • List a range of methods to access and reduce your data/WiFi usage;
  • Connect with learner communities to support your digital learning; 
  • Distinguish between using the digital world professionally and personally; and
  • Access the digital world safely.
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