Meet our new Teach2030 Ambassadors

We’re delighted to introduce our Ambassadors who will be spreading the word about Teach2030 to their networks of fellow teachers.

Hover over the yellow sections of the map to see where they’re from and read their reasons for becoming a Teach2030 Ambassador below.



To share what we have learnt with others. Isn’t that what a real job of a teacher is? I’m looking forward to getting a chance to spread teaching techniques with communities in greater need.



To create a network of teachers and stakeholders in education who are exposed to the opportunities and academic resources of Teach2030 – that will then improve the impact of teaching and learning at grass-roots level.



To help teachers make the most of their CPD programmes and help them become more willing to try new practices without fear but with the right support; I know we can create a better future.



I am excited to help bring new methods into their teaching process to expand their classroom activities and meet the challenges facing teachers today.



Knowledge learnt or acquired should not be hoarded but shared. As an ambassador, I can help both new and experienced teachers to continue improving themselves. I can serve as a small but important cog, that keeps the wheel turning and help improve education in my country.



I’ve been an educator for 28 years and I’ve always believed in professional development, having personally benefitted immensely from training courses. I’m committed to improving my country’s education system. Teach2030 will help improve our teachers and students.

June Paul


Learning is a life-long process. We need to innovate ourselves for us to be globally competitive and internationally educated. Learning with other educators from other parts of the world is the best means to realise them.
Here in Teach2030, we can learn and apply new strategies and techniques to make our learning and of our students’ effective and efficient. Together, we can grow professionally and develop holistically.



To help my fellow teachers reflect on their own teaching and find areas for improvement. Also, to encourage teachers to collaborate to foster mutual development so they can become lifelong leaners and continuously improve their practice.

To find out more about our Ambassador Programme or if you’re interested in becoming a Teach2030 Ambassador, please click here.