Meet our Teach2030 Ambassadors

They are spreading the word about Teach2030 to their networks of fellow teachers.

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The willingness of teachers to engage in teacher development activities is crucial to ensure successful teaching and learning. Teachers can gain the knowledge and skills necessary for effective teaching by participating in professional development. As…

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Where are they based?

Alice | Teach2030 Ambassador



“Being an ambassador is an opportunity to learn, relearn and unlearn and in turn share my learning experience with my community – to help others improve their teaching techniques and gain confidence in adapting a new one.”

Babalwa | Teach2030 Ambassador


South Africa

“I believe through Teach2030, I will be able to support teachers, especially in the rural and marginalized areas. This will provide my colleagues and I with the platform to share best practices on how to use limited time and resources for the benefit of our learners.”

Bantar Teach2030 Ambassador


Republic of Congo

“Teach2030 has changed my fixed mindset to a growth mindset. As of now, I can demystify lessons to my learners successfully; this is because of the skills that I have acquired from Teach2030. All learners are unique however, they learn at different speeds.”



“To propagate the Teach2030 digital CPD courses to my network community of teachers, so they can access the courses for free and improve their pedagogical practice because we live in a time when relevance in a chosen career is dependent on growth and development. I am glad to serve as your ambassador.”

Fanny | Teach2030 Ambassador



“My expertise are in Instructional Leadership, Initial Teacher Education Programmes and Continuing Professional Development Programmes, on top of my specialist teaching subjects, which are, among others, Geography, Tourism, and Consumer Studies.”

Hamid Teach2030 Ambassador



“This unprecedented time had further validated the need for CPD among teachers. We need to get teachers exposed to this bit size learning platform (Teach2030), so as to make them more reflective of their teaching and understand how learning takes place among learners.”

Hugh | Teach2030 Ambassador



“Being an ambassador provides me the opportunity to facilitate a learning environment that empowers, inspires and supports diverse learners with the relevant best practices and technology to maximize their potential, fulfil their unique destiny and be happy.”

Humyra | Teach2030 Ambassador



“As an ambassador, I want to encourage teachers to grow by sharing their knowledge with other teachers, and to implement updated teaching methods and activities for effective teaching and learning. I strongly believe that if we try together, we can develop a better educational system.”

James | Teach2030 Ambassador



“As an ambassador, I want to help TVET teachers and academic teachers continue to improve themselves. They can learn and apply new teaching strategies and techniques to make teaching effective and efficient. Build a network of teachers using Teach2030 to help improve education in my country.”



“By participating in international professional developments, networking with educators across the globe, and taking an active roles with Teach2030, I can help model and solve problems, work in challenging circumstances, and bring together passionate people to drive engagement and awareness of key issues affecting students.”

Nestory Teach2030 Ambassasdors



“Being a Teach 2030 ambassador makes me explore more courses and improve my teaching skills.”



“As a Teach2030 Ambassador, I will help to spread knowledge to the teachers and educators in my community through different modes. This will go a long way to increase my career prospect, support other teachers to develop their own skills in their classroom practices.”



“I am passionate to work with educators and facilitators, which – in my opinion – is crucial to improving the quality of education. Providing access to various resources is not sufficient. Enabling educators to use them appropriately, or training them to use whatever resources are available at their disposal to the best potential is equally important.”

Rebecca | Teach2030 Ambassador



“One great way of transforming education globally is factoring the ever changing needs in the education space and how best than to provide unending, relevant opportunities for teacher professional development. Teach2030 is a reliable platform for educators to find various ways to improve their teaching practice.”



“Teaching is one of the most noble jobs; teachers not only teach, they create all professions. I want to help teachers to understand their value and feel proud and what great job they are doing. I believe Teach2030 is good source of helping teachers and to empower them to become future ready. Being a Teach 2030 Ambassador will help me to uplift me and other teachers.”

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