Become a Teach2030 Ambassador

Why become a Teach2030 Ambassador?

  • Support other teachers to develop their skills
  • Improve education in your community 
  • Gain personalised TPD and digital skills 
  • Increase your own career prospects 

How do you become a Teach2030 Ambassador?

  • Finish two Teach2030 courses with a 70% pass rate
  • Complete the application form below
  • Pass an ambassador welcome course
  • Attend and actively participate in at least two workshops, Q and As and/or social media 

What qualities, skills and experience do you need?

  • Self-motivated and ambitious existing and former teachers/education professionals 
  • Confident users of social media
  • Active engagement with Teach 2030 on social media
  • Easily accessible (smartphone and data) 
  • Strongly connected to local community and willing to support growth 
  • Generous with time  
  • Passionate about learning and improving education 
  • Currently located in a Commonwealth country 
  • Comfortable with public speaking 

What would you do as a Teach2030 Ambassador?

  • Build relationships in your teaching network 
  • Promote Teach2030 by sharing experiences 
  • Inspire others with your passion for learning, education and Teach2030 
  • Contribute to Teach2030 community activities, such as virtual workshops, Q and As and blogs
  • Follow a schedule of activities aiming to develop your teaching and digital skills

EVERY month, our Ambassadors should: 

  • Share at least four Teach2030 posts on social media  
  • Get five new teachers to sign up to a Teach2030 course, workshop or Q and A
  • Contribute at least twice to your own Teach2030 WhatsApp group with their education community
  • Adhere to a schedule of Teach2030 activities.

What will you get in return?

  • Improve digital and TPD skills with unique opportunities
  • Develop public speaking and writing skills
  • Gain a welcome pack and a certificate after an induction period of three months
  • Feature on our dedicated ambassador webpage 
  • Access an exclusive ambassador Facebook and WhatsApp group
  • Experience working in a professional organisation that has a global cause 
  • Add to your CV 

How do we provide our Teach2030 Ambassadors with beneficial and additional TPD?

Our tailored schedule of TPD opportunities develop your skill set, so, over the year, you will:  

  • Attend a virtual induction session and meet key people across the world and from Teach2030 
  • Co-host one Q and A with a Teach2030 specialist 
  • Organise and host one pedagogy workshop to your local community 
  • Write one blog and have it published to our Teach2030 website 
  • Learn digital skills and/or TPD strategies in exclusive ambassador workshops 
  • Gain advice with your CV 

Ambassador Application Form

Our Teach2030 Ambassador application programme has now closed. We are currently reviewing the applications.

We will be in touch with successful applicants by the end of June to arrange a virtual meeting and interview.