Embracing Teacher Professional Development with a Growth Mindset

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Whether you are new to teaching or have many years of experience, embracing Teacher Professional Development is important. This workshop series will explore why teachers must continually improve their skillset, what it means to have a growth mindset and strategies on how to develop this in a classroom.


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The individual workshops in this series are:

  • Workshop 1: Why is Teacher Professional Development important? – Available to watch now
  • Workshop 2: Understanding Growth Mindset – Available to watch now
  • Workshop 3: How to develop and promote a Growth Mindset – Available to watch now

Please note you will need to complete all workshops and post event materials in this series to earn your Teach2030 certificate.

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Thankyou so much for enlightening us.

It has really helped me alot

Their work was excellent



It's helpful to gain knowledge.

It’s helpful to gain knowledge.

Growth mindset

Awesome , inspiring and educating

Growth Mindset contributes to TPD

I believe that embracing a growth mindset is crucial for a teacher’s professional development. By cultivating a growth mindset, educators can continuously enhance their skills and knowledge, ultimately adding significant value to themselves. This personal growth, in turn, contributes to the overall value and perception of the teaching profession. It is essential for practitioners to invest in their own growth and development in order to elevate the status and impact of the teaching profession.

Aderoju M. A.







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