Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners: Part 1

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Would you like to develop your lesson planning to make sure you reach ALL the learners in your your classroom? Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners explores how to write an effective lesson, digs deep into the purpose of each section of a lesson plan, and provides new ideas and strategies to try.

Course objectives

  • Reflect on your own learning experiences 
  • Identify the steps involved in learning something new
  • Know why lesson planning is an essential part of a teacher’s role
  • Reflect on your own lesson plans
  • Begin, or contribute to, your teacher portfolio
  • Identify, or continue to work with, a learning partner

Please note, you will need to purchase Part 2 to participate in further activities, and successfully complete the assessment to gain your Teach2030 certificate.

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Lesson Plan - Very Important

Students are expected to come to class prepared and eager to learn, just as teachers are expected to be ready and enthusiastic to teach when students arrive.

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