The Importance of a Teacher Portfolio

The Importance of a Teacher Portfolio

A Teacher Portfolio is such an important aspect of TPD and Growth Mindset. It is your own record of evidence of all that you have achieved in your career and as such is something you can be very proud of. As we continue on our career pathways it is vital that we own our progression and uphold a meaningful record of all we do. We need to record our professional development and achievements and a Teacher Portfolio is the place to do it.

It becomes a document that supports career progression and promotion; employers will be impressed by the organisational skills and clear outline of our skills/capabilities as teachers. It is also a helpful tool to enable us to remember and reflect upon previous learning.

A Teacher Portfolio can be kept and maintained in many ways; it could be a binder of documents, printed certificates, diary entries of TPD activities or any other type of evidence gathered. It could be an electronic document – a collection of downloaded certificates, presentations or typed entries and dates. As the record increases it will stimulate our drive to progress further and advance in our careers and salary.

A Teacher Portfolio is a place of reflection, where we can deliberate on activities participated in and reflect upon them. It is an opportunity where we can focus our thoughts and organise our ideas which is a key factor in TPD. It can also include an introduction to you and your education history along with your current resume.

It is also a good idea to you include an Action Plan; an outline of the direction you would like your professional development to take. This shows that you have reflected upon your strengths and areas of need and what you intend to do to remedy this. It is vital to keep re-visiting Action Plans to keep them relevant and continuous.

A Teacher Portfolio then is a key document to support your success, achievements and career advancement.

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