What will I learn with Teach2030?

All Teach2030 courses have been aligned to the Cambridge Teaching Standards. Find out more below about what this means and how it will help you become a better teacher.


The Cambridge Teaching Standards are split into eight specific areas:

Role of a Teacher

Focused on you taking a fresh look at your teaching, how to make a difference to your learners and developing your teaching philosophy.

Successful Practice

Successful classroom looks at applying growth mindset to your teaching, how to differentiate your teaching and building a positive learning environment.

Unlocking Potential

How do children learn and how to help them learn is crucial to this area. Building a learning culture and using questions to get results will be beneficial.

Effective Assessment

Looking into formative assessment strategies to improve outcomes, using questions to assess learners and how to put assessment theory into practice.

Engaging Curriculum

Why does an engaging curriculum matter? How to plan it effectively and teach it well by bringing lessons to life will be covered in this area.

Inclusive Learning

Planning lessons and responding to the needs of all our learners. Learn how to use feedback effectively to help all learners progress.

Professional Relationships

How to build relationships to create a positive environment for your learners and understanding the benefits of peer learning.

Parents and Commnunity

Understand how to connect and engage with parents to ensure progress of the child. Also, how to build relationships within your community.