Walking The Change

“Change is the only constant thing in the world”- Heraclitus. Our world is changing and most especially our thoughts and learning styles.

As an educationist, I have gone through many years of experiences teaching students in the national and international curriculum and asking myself, how best can I prepare my learners for this every changing world? Where do I begin from?

Living in a country where teachers are ignorant of the countless opportunities to upskill, lack reliable access to internet connection and have little or no growth mindset, are just the few barriers Teach2030 is minimizing in its programs.

I may say I am lucky. NO.

I decided to be curious towards becoming a better teacher. I then joined Teach2030 in 2021 in the CET partnership program. What makes Teach2030 programs differ from others, is that it allows for practice while still doing your daily routine in class. It is self-assessed and provides support from program leaders and mentors and resources are easily accessible. Belonging to the teacher community program has greatly improved my practices especially with the new techniques in assessment I learnt in the exchange with teachers of Gordons.

Future Learning

It is true that our classrooms are becoming digitalized, and we need to adapt learning towards that dimension to prepare learners for a perfect integration to society. This has to begin with you as educators and teachers to acquire the skills to make this transition for learners enjoyable. Joining Teach2030 and taking courses with guidance from mentors and Teach2030 ambassadors is just where to start this exciting milestone to becoming outstanding in your career.

My journey to change

After two years in the CET program, I now foster the vision of Teach2030 in my community as an ambassador and I am confident that just after two weeks of launching the my Teach2030 bntcameroon community, many teachers are already enrolled in to www.teach2030.com and taking courses. With this, a new breed of teachers is being born.

It is interesting to know that teachers are taking the lead to upskill in their practice to become more professional and intentional. The goal of my community is to uncover the learning opportunities for local teachers, to better their career development, to acquire international recognized certification and learn from global teaching community and make learning the best experience for every learner. Uncover to discovery and be part of the CHANGE.