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Developing Students’ Independent Learning Skills

In this course, we define independent learning and 4 major strategies that can be trialled in the classroom to help students become more independent.


The Importance of Effective Lesson Planning

Sign up to our new workshop series focused on The Importance of Effective Lesson Planning. Complete 3 workshops and post-event materials to earn a certificate.


Teacher Professional Development Courses

Complete Part 1 and Part 2 of any of our courses to receive a certificate.

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Welcome to Teach2030: a global community of teachers upskilling their classroom practice and digital skills, improving outcomes for their learners and building their career path. Teach2030 is brought to you by The Commonwealth Education Trust.

4 reasons teachers should upskill

Upskilling is the process of learning new skills and should be encouraged. Why?

  • Develop new skills on a subject
  • Improve your existing knowledge in an area you are passionate about and become an expert
  • Connect with, and learn from, other people upskilling on the same topics as you
  • Stay up-to-date with current trends in teaching

A commitment to upskilling will make you a better teacher. It will increase your confidence, improve your future prospects and advance your career.

Upskill your teaching with Teach2030 in 4 ways.


Develop your teaching skills with bitesize, low data courses aligned to the Cambridge Teaching Standards.

Live Events

Join us for monthly live workshop and Q&As with our education experts/guests.

Teaching Tips

Read our teaching tips shared every Monday. Plus check out our YouTube channel for helpful videos.

Digital Skills

Improve your digital skills to aid your teaching with our smartphone course for beginners.

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“I think I have learnt a lot from these courses that has helped me improve at a personal level as a teacher. The course ‘Fresh Thinking For Your Classroom’ made me think for the first time in my career about the qualities of good and poor teaching. I looked at some of my own weaknesses.”

Fasten, Teacher from Zambia

Our most popular courses


Fresh Thinking for Your Classroom: Part 1

Whether you are experienced or new to teaching, this course will help you reflect on your classroom practice.


Growth Mindsets for Teachers and Learners: Part 1

Get to grips with growth mindsets to create a positive and productive approach to learning in your classroom.


Practical Active Learning for Your Classroom: Part 1

Learn the clear definition of active learning and what it means for your classroom


Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners: Part 1

Good planning ensures ALL your learners benefit. Take our course today to reflect on your planning and how you can improve.

Digital Learner

Become a Digital Learner: Using Your Smartphone (Beginner)

Do you have a smartphone but aren’t sure of how to use it effectively? Our course will help you discover what a powerful learning tool your smartphone actually is!

Being a Professional Teacher

Being a Professional Teacher: Part 1

Being a Professional Teacher’ will help you to become more organised with how you present yourself as a teacher with high standards.


NEW! Developing Students’ Independent Learning Skills: Part 1

Introduce ways to make your learners more engaged! In this course, we define independent learning and how it differs from whole class learning.