Teach2030 Impacts Teachers Worldwide

For many schools, September has marked the beginning of a new academic year. Despite this busy time, teachers worldwide have been investing in their professional development by taking Teach2030 courses.


This course encourages teachers to reflect on their own teaching, possibly even by recording themselves and watching themselves back. This encourages reflection.

Siyabuzzaman Chanchol, Bangladesh says:

I find a lot of teaching ideas and how can I develop my teaching. I videoed my teaching and review it again and again, and improve my teaching. I involved my partner and show the teaching video. The observed it and advised me. I saw that I was standing at the front of the classroom too much. I needed to walk around my students during tasks. I am interesting with my students more. This is helpful because it had built better relationship with them because they feel more supported. 

Bernardina Alade-Olusodo, Nigeria tells us:

I took time to spend more with learners instead of rushing through so as to complete the curriculum. I used scaffolding method and provided more hand-on activities. I got parents involved also to support at home. I shifted my attention more on the pupil (instead on the curriculum). I am more involved and supportive to my pupils, which has fostered more bond with them and then collaboration with their parents/ guardians 


This course encourages teachers to move away from a fixed mindset and towards a growth mindset.

Deivanai Suresh, India, an Early Year’s Coordinator says:

I promoted growth mindset in my student when she was not ready to go to P.E class. I took her to the play area and played with her. She started with balancing on the tyres with help initially and later balanced on it independently. She started sharing and connecting with me after that. I observed and listened to the student with an open minded approach. I tried my best to make her at ease and open up why she is crying. My learner was able to connect and connect with me. I could she her as a happy and receptive learner. It made me feel awesome that I could bring a smile on her face and gained her confidence. The course was simple and engaging. Can’t wait to try other courses. Will surely reccommend Teach 2030 to others. 


This course outlines how to write an effective lesson plan.

Juliet Iheme, Nigeria says:

I used SMART learning objectives with my social studies class because the lessons were not focused. I changed my objectives from let’s understand other ethnic festivals to investigate which festivals are more important. It improved because we finally chose the three major festivals in Nigeria. My learners develop interest in research work.

All Teach2030 courses promote the use of a teacher portfolio, which is where teachers can record their professional development.

Olaniyi Babalola, Nigeria, a Physics Educator says:

The use of teaching portfolio has and will continue to improve my teaching and my students engagement and performance. This done through reflective documentation of my teaching activities, training and my students engagement and improved performance. 

Bernadina Alade-Olusodo comments that:

I have shared with a friend what a teacher portfolio is and I have started to keep one. It has made me more reflective. I keep on going back to it to jot in and also take note on areas I can improve myself ( it’s a gradual step but progressing). Since it’s my portfolio, it has helped to show me areas I can work on, my strengths and of course helped me to ask for more help in areas I can’t handle myself. 

We also encourage teachers to collaborate with a learning partner, who is someone to share ideas, thoughts and strategies with.

Agbor Lilian, Cameroon says:

I had a learning partner with whom I shared ideas on ways to better our classroom practice. We observed each other teach and gave an honest feedback on areas which need improvement.  My teaching became better as I worked on the areas which needed improvement like using differentiated teaching methods to meet the needs of learners. 

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