The Importance of Teacher Professional Development (TPD)

Do you want to grow and be relevant in the teaching profession? Continuous Teacher Professional Development is the answer! We live in a time when relevance in the teaching profession is dependent on continuous skill development. The need for standard teacher qualification cannot be over emphasized. However, the absence of continuous professional development is one of the reasons we see incompetent students and falling education standards.

“Only the people who take learning, growth and skill development into their hands will be tomorrow’s leaders.” – Alli Worthington.

Education is a learning cycle without an end. TPD help teachers to find new and better ways of reaching all learners. The teaching landscape has shifted from the traditional teacher dominated lesson to a guided learner centred approach. In our world today, everything is evolving. New discoveries are made every day hence the need for continuous Teacher Development programs. It takes continuous learning, unlearning and relearning for any educator to remain skilful and up-to-date.

As a qualified and practicing teacher, I have completed many TPD programmes with different teacher training institutions. However, the most impactful of them all was the “Teach2030” Growth Mindset for Teachers and Students, a bite size digital teacher development course provided by the Commonwealth Education Trust, London.

“When you go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, a new world of possibilities opens up.” – Keller R. Williams.

Indeed, the programme impacted me with skills that opened new strategies for my students and I to engage creatively and to consistently improve on students’ learning outcomes, rather than praise their achievements. Continuous skills development programmes help teachers develop expertise in subject areas, broadening a teacher’s professional experience and providing them with an academic platform for interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation with other stakeholders in the teaching industry.

I strongly recommend the ‘Teach2030’ digital Teacher Development Programmes, by the Commonwealth Education Trust, London. Teachers who wish to reach the top of their teaching career, stand out among other teachers and become a sought-out-for of top employers in the education business will find this link ( http://teach2030.com ) useful for their professional development.

“No matter how educated a person is, one must always be ready to acquire new skill. Re-skilling and up-skilling is the only way to remain relevant in the ever changing market scenario”. – Narendra Modi.

Teacher Professional Development is important because it affords teachers the opportunity to be more effective, well organized with unwavering confidence in the preparation and delivery of instructions. It encourages a growth mindset in teachers which they’ll pass on to students thereby creating an interdependent learning environment that encourages consistent improvements on learning outcomes.

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