My name is Alice Ogunleye, an enthusiastic, creative and resilient teacher from Nigeria.  Currently a certified Cambridge teacher in a teaching subject at Loveworld International College, volunteering as a Teach2030 ambassador. Becoming a member of the Teach2030 community has greatly improved my teaching practice and professionalism in the classroom. Through Teach2030, I have been able to develop and adapt lesson that are engaging and encompass different learners at different levels and abilities.

My journey with Teach2030 started in 2020 when I came across the weekly tips posted on the Facebook platform and immediately I knew there could be so much value I could gain if I followed the platform. My desire to learn and improve my teaching practice made me sign up to become an ambassador. I wanted to be a Teach2030 Ambassador because I am passionate about education and believe in the power of teaching to transform lives.

The Teach2030 course I enjoyed the most was Fresh Thinking for your classroom. This is because I learnt what being a teacher means and discovered the importance of a learning partner. The course helped me to become reflective about my pedagogy in the classroom and defining the role of a teacher as well as an eye opener to what good teaching / poor teaching looks like. Recently, I attended a Teach2030 workshop on professionalism. I learnt to be professional in the classroom, on zoom meetings, at workplace and in communication.

Teacher professional development is a continuous process of acquiring new knowledge, skills and strategies to enhance teaching practices. It is important for teachers to continue developing professionally because it improves instructional methods and keeps one updated with the latest educational trends and research. I would advise teachers who are struggling with any area of their teaching to sign up and take courses on Teach2030 website and followed up on the weekly teaching tips and monthly workshop to developing professionally.

Finally, taking courses on the Teach2030 platform has given wide range of teachers an opportunity for a self-paced and digitalized professional development. You can also leverage on this opportunity by signing up on at www.Teach2030.com use the coupon code aonigeria to access part 2 of the courses for free.


  1. Ekenedilichukwu

    Very insightful. Great work keeping yourself updated with the right skills needed as a teacher in this generation.
    I have also signed up on Teach2030 and I must say that it’s one of my best decisions as a teacher.

  2. Esther Adejumobi

    Your passion for teaching can be easily noticed from the way you related with people. Living with you has avail me the opportunity to observe and learn a lot from you. Especially, your patience and kindness. Keep up the good work!

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