The Helga Todd Foundation and Teach2030: Supporting Calcutta Rescue and Transforming Teaching in India (Part Two)

In the second part of our blog focusing on the impact Teach2030 is having on teachers of our education partner in India, Calcutta Rescue, Ananya Chatterjee, the School Administrator, collated a range of feedback and statements. We are thrilled to work together to achieve a common goal of striving for children to get the support they need to make the most of educational opportunities. Calcutta Rescue are funded by the Helga Todd Foundation in the UK, for a two year TPD programme including the use of Teach2030 courses.

Subhajit Sana, a Teach2030 Coach: ‘I have been teaching for years and now I head the Calcutta Rescue Talapark Education project. Before starting Teach 2030 course modules, I was under the impression that I know many methods and techniques that are enough for children to learn, but now my thoughts have changed totally, as I am getting exposed to many new ideas. The course has helped me, and our teachers, to be aware of the changes that have already taken place and to upgrade ourselves accordingly. Many phrases were frequently used before quite unknowingly, which indicate towards a fixed mindset. We have been able to stop using those in the classroom and adapted with the new phrases, which symbolises growth mindset. The content of the courses are completely engaging and encouraging to help us to learn new things and move forward. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to pursue the modules.’

Arpita Das, a teacher: I am very proud to pursue the courses under Teach 2030. My teaching career is long but it was not beyond chalk and talk. Now, I have been able to explore many other methods and activities beyond books and copies. I started implementing a major portion of my learning into my classrooms after the pandemic. Now, I take feedback from my students after delivery of a lesson and involve them more into the classroom learning process through different activities. I am no longer a strict discipline-oriented teacher. I am flexible and just play a role of the facilitator, so that children can learn freely. My mindset is changed and I expect to improve more as I undergo more modules of Teach 2030.

Subhasini Hassan, a teacher ‘I got the opportunity to enrol in Teach 2030 teacher training while working as a teacher in Calcutta Rescue. The course helped me to improve myself more than what I was expecting. Secondly, the course gave me a new exposure to the modern education system. I am learning a lot of new things which I can apply in my classroom to improve the standard of my students. I have learned about good teaching qualities, difference between fixed and growth mindsets, importance of good lesson planning through these courses. Our facilitators have explained about various class activities, games and digital resources. I am very much thankful to Teach 2030 for giving me this opportunity. I want to continue with this course and learn a lot more so that I can utilise it in my career as well as in my career.’

Sougata Chakraborty, a teacher:I have learnt how to make my classes more interesting for my students. Previously, I was limited to books, board and chalk. Now, I incorporate many other modes of learning. Digital, live objects, life experiences or through story-telling/painting. Sometimes a simple motivational advertisement can also do wonders. I have learnt to utilise various methods, modes and teaching aids to the fullest and my students are also engrossed in the class as it is no longer one-sided. They also share their views which are valued. My class attendance has also improved.

Swarup Chakraborty, a teacher: ‘I am really very happy that I have been able to gain a lot of experiences while undergoing this Teach 2030 modules. Each module is unique. I have already completed ‘Fresh Thinking for Your Classroom’ and Growth Mindset modules, and changes are evident which are very positive. I have learnt certain things for the first time while doing these courses. For example: 4Cs Concept, active and passive learning, new ways to praise students. I am trying my best to include these in my classes as much as possible. It is indeed a great learning opportunity for me.’ 

Priyanka Karmakar, a Teach2030 Coach: Teach2030 courses are engaging, helpful and very interesting. I have learned a lot of things from this course. Already we have completed our two modules, ‘Fresh Thinking for Your Classroom‘ and ‘Growth Mindset for Teachers and Learners.‘ I have been able to find out the qualities of a good teacher and not so good teacher and identified the areas that I wish to develop and improve. Generally, we give good feedback always. But now, I have understood true feedback is very important for all. Feedback is incredibly helpful and positive criticism is a way to get better at things. Meaningful and effective feedback – maximum times we say the students ‘well done’, ‘clever girl’, ‘very good’ but it is difficult to understand for other learners in the class what she did well. I have been able to find out the characteristics which one indicates my fixed mindset and which one is growth mindset and now I always try to express my mind according to growth mindset. I have learned a lot of teaching techniques from this course about how to make our classes more interesting and interactive. Overall, the Teach2030 course is very effective for all of us. It is a great opportunity in my teaching career.

Our thanks to Ananya for organising the contributions to this blog. All words are the teachers own and have remained unchanged.

If you would like to become a partner, and see the impact that Teach2030 could make in your classroom, please email [email protected].