QandA with our Teach2030 Ambassador, Emmanuel Anya

Last week, I was delighted to host the weekly QandA with a very special guest: our Teach2030 Ambassador, Emmanuel Anya. We had been asked a range of questions on social media, so I asked for Emmanuel’s experience in teaching in Nigeria to help me to answer them.

Emmanuel said:

I am super excited about my experience co-hosting the Teach2030 May edition of the 15 minutes live Q&A with Alex. It was extremely intellectually engaging. The Q&A session provided an inspiring approach to enquiry-based learning.

Alex was strategic with her questions about:

– the role of the teacher

– what learning support is and how to apply it in your classroom

– what success criteria is for learning outcomes

– the explanation for formative assessment and how to apply them (strategies) to check understanding from learners

There is a whole lot more you can pick from this Q&A session; don’t miss the replay!

I’m thankful to the Commonwealth Education Trust for providing me with top-notch professional development at no cost, and for the honour of serving as a Teach2030 Ambassador for two years. I therefore invite teachers and stakeholders in children’s education to sign up for Teach2030 continuous development courses and experience a transformative impact on teaching and learning.

Now, watch the QandA below.

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