The Helga Todd Foundation, Teach2030 and Calcutta Rescue : Transforming Teaching in India (Part One)

This month, we spotlight our education partner in India, Calcutta Rescue, in a two-part special blog that focuses on the impact that Teach2030 is having on their teachers. Calcutta Rescue is funded by the Helga Todd Foundation, a UK-based trust that supports educational development and change in Indian schools.

Calcutta Rescue strives to create opportunities for the most disadvantaged people to be free of the burden of disease and for their children to get the support they need to make the most of education and the opportunities it offers. 

The charity also initiates collaborations with other organisations to provide essential services in slums, and provides employment opportunities in its Fairtrade handicraft project. Our aim is to generate all the essential support necessary for individuals, and whole communities, to transform their lives for the better.

Calcutta Rescue (2022)

Swarup Chakraborty has completed several of our courses. As part of our course Growth Mindset for Teachers and Learners, Teach2030 focuses on how to give effective feedback to students. Swarup reflects on how this learning has changed his classroom:

I have started to praise my students carefully. I conduct some discussion sessions with students and want their comments and feedback. It will motivate my students to do better. 

During every course, Teach2030 asks participants to complete a process of reflection called ‘Action Plan,’ where teachers consider learning they would like to implement into their classroom. Subhajit Sana submits his:

We are delighted that Subhajit has learnt so much from our Growth Mindset for Teachers and Learners. In feedback, he says:

I improved my patience after the the session of Fresh Thinking For Your Classroom and working on praising after this Growth Mindset for Teachers and Learners course . Surely, it help to change my thinking of mindsets. I was unaware about few things about mindsets before.

Our thanks to Calcutta Rescue for being such a supportive and proactive partner. We are delighted that teachers are learning so much from our courses. If you are a school or organisation who would like to partner with us, please email [email protected].