International Women’s Day 2022: Celebrating Teach2030 Women Educators Worldwide

Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together, we can forge women’s equality. Collectively, we can all #BreakTheBias.

International Women’s Day, 2022. Available at: International Women’s Day 2022 (internationalwomensday.com)

International Women’s Day was celebrated this year on 8th March 2022. To mark the day, Teach2030 wanted to acknowledge, recognise and praise the hard work of female members of their community from across the world. For several weeks, a campaign was run to ‘send your image’ to Alex, our Community Communications Lead. We were delighted by the high number of replies and the reach of Teach2030 to such a variety of countries, including Nigeria, Jamaica, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Although International Women’s Day has passed for this year, we are continuing to celebrate our worldwide women educators by telling their stories of how Teach2030 has positively affected their classroom, teaching and sense of identity.

Roberta Matthews-Gordon, a teacher in the Humanities Department (History/Social Studies/Religious Education) and a Subject Lead in Religious Education, from Jamaica.

It was important to send in my picture to highlight the reach of the community across the Commonwealth. Teach2030 is making an impact in Jamaica!

The community represents a gathering of professionals, who sometimes work in adverse conditions, with a common aim: to develop their craft as educators. It is a pleasure to see the faces of like minded individuals from all over the world via Zoom. 

As a professional teaching community, Teach2030 is important because it empowers educators to be the best version of themselves. Teachers are encouraged to return to the classroom and implement the lessons learned. It is also a refresher course for those of us who have been in the profession for a while. In addition, the platform is easy to use and the sessions are time efficient.

All the courses offer a wealth of information. However, the course that I particularly enjoyed was Growth Mindset for Teachers and Learners. I was reminded that teacher and student attitude is crucial to teaching and learning. We can get lots of tips on how to plan and implement a lesson, however, if students aren’t motivated to learn then it’s going to fall flat. It is important to cater to the needs of the whole child in order to be successful as a teacher. Teachers have to be similarly motivated as individuals and as professionals. Self-care and the mindset of reflection and improvement must be at the forefront in order for us to make an impact in our student’s lives. 

Fanny Nombulelo Agnes Malikebu, a secondary school teacher in Home Economics, Geography, Life Skills, Tourism, and Social and Development Studies, born in Malawi and currently in South Africa.

Teach2030 means a community of continued learners, as it builds a learning culture through the development of teaching philosophy where there is team work and productivity. It is a community that brings teachers, learners and the community together for the best education. It means an understanding of how to connect and engage with parents to ensure progress of the child and also how to build relationships within the community.

Because it’s a quality and proven effective way of training educators through courses that apply Cambridge Teaching Standards, it brings a growth mindset amongst teachers and development towards new approaches of teaching. It provides widely accessible professional development courses to teachers in developing countries via technological devices with the use of minimal data. Further and critical is the change of mindset amongst teachers and the whole approach to methods of teaching in schools.

These courses have brought together teachers from diverse backgrounds; sharing new and modern ways of delivering the curriculum in the classroom and cultivating teachers’ skills in inclusive learning, how to create a positive environment for our learners and an understanding of peer learning. Specifically, it’s because It provides training to teachers on how children learn and how to help them learn. It teaches us how to engage with the school curriculum, how to plan effectively and teach it well by bringing lessons to life.

Shubhangi Arya, a teacher of German, from India.

I have taken the online courses and I attended virtual workshops. For me, I really want the teaching profession to get respect and acknowledgement. Teach 2030 has helped me to gain experience on how to make teaching more innovative and technical. I would like to encourage Teach 2030 and would like to promote their initiative towards better teaching and educators’ professional growth.

I find learning partner theory interesting and helpful. A learning partner will help you to grow and make good relationships with fellow colleagues.

Esther N.Wamungu, a high school teacher of English, Kenya.

I am passionate about integration of ICT and 21st century skills in teaching English and Literature. This has seen me move from the laptop and desktop to the smartphone as a gadget to teach. I use the various low tech digital tools like WhatsApp and the Google classroom to teach, thanks to the Teach2030 training. 

We want to thank all of our strong, empowered women for choosing to self-improve and develop themselves, so that they are doing to help improve the lives of the students they teach.

We are proud of all our Teach2030 community and what they are achieving globally.

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