Scaling Teach2030 through a new partnership with Kenya Connect

Covid-19 has resulted in an explosion of webinars; some useful and some not as we are sure you have all found too! However, we were delighted to virtually attend a productive event in February organised by HundrED where we met Sharon Runge, the Executive Director of the NGO Kenya Connect.

We are now even more delighted to announce our first paid partnership with an NGO, where we will provide courses, progress reports and support materials to Kenya Connect as they roll out Teach2030 into their first four schools, reaching an initial 44 teachers. Kenya Connect has been developing their own Performance Learning Centres (PLCs), and the Teach2030 materials slot perfectly into the PLC concept of schools organising their own self-led (and sustainable) learning.

The feedback from their on-the-ground education team in Wamunyu is already very positive, with their Kenya-based Executive Director James Musyoka saying of the courses ‘We like them very much. We thought that it was a good idea for our team to do the course on growth mindset, and share and reflect with our learning partners, before we introduce the courses to the four schools. Eight members of our team did the course and we had a joint session where every team shared their reflections of the course. We found the learning experience to be very enriching and helpful’. Next steps will be to roll out Teach2030 to the further 51 primary and secondary schools supported by Kenya Connect.