Teacher Professional Development with Teach2030: Encouraging Growth in Your Learners

News and Thoughts / By Alexandra Starr

On Saturday 29th May, Teach2030 hosted its second, short, snappy 15 minute, free workshop with education professionals attending from all over the world, including India, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, UAE and Turkey.

The focus of this month’s event was how to give effective feedback and encourage a growth mindset in learners. The session (led by Education Lead, Eleanor Sykes, and supported by Education Advisor, Alex Starr) began with establishing the difference between ability and attainment, and how we must believe that our learners all share the same potential. As teachers, our language should reflect this. 

The team then advised on how to adapt vocabulary to promote attainment and growth, rather than the belief that every child has a set ability. Participants were encouraged to demonstrate their learning in the interactive section of the workshop:

Learners started successfully implementing the changes, transforming their vocabulary to reflect a growth mindset, with responses including:

  • ‘Precious, you have begun the learning journey. Let’s explore ways to make it better,’ Tasnim Gangat
  • My low ability English group can’t do this task, yet,’ Sandy

Every attendee who subscribed to this free event has received exclusive access to additional resources, including downloadable posters, classroom scenarios and video links. To watch the full workshop, click here.

The workshop was what I was looking for. I reflected on my teaching and the teaching/ feedback strategies being followed by my team. After attending this session, I got many insights into this topic that I would share the same with my team to work on providing constructive feedback to my students. The same would certainly motivate them and would facilitate the learning, making learning joyful and learner-centred.

Dr Meenakshi Narula

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We are looking forward to seeing you again this month for our next, free, live, interactive 15 minute workshop on Saturday 26th June at 3pm BST where we build on ideas about giving feedback effectively by exploring how to praise meaningfully. To sign up, click here.

Teachers need to be growing and learning continuously … just like our pupils!