Hear what Martin from Zambia thought of our first live micro-workshop!

After our first live workshop, we sent out a feedback survey to all attendees – it’s important that we practise what we preach, and so we are constantly looking for ways to improve what we do. We were delighted with the responses! Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with 100% saying the workshop provided opportunities to reflect on their own teaching practice and 95% that they would attend another one. We were thrilled with this feedback from our first event. The survey also gave users the option of uploading a photograph of themselves or their classrooms, so we can see and understand where our Teach2030 community members are working.

Martin Simakumba from Zambia gave us his feedback and shared photographs with us. He told us in his feedback survey response; ‘this workshop will help me carry out formative assessment effectively. I liked the pace of the session, and will complete another Teach2030 workshop’.

Martin also sent us a photograph of his classroom – we love seeing where our teachers teach!

It is worth noting that Martin borrowed a friend’s smartphone to attend this workshop, and provided the data himself – showing how teachers really value what we offer, and will find workarounds to be able to attend. Watch the 15-minute April workshop here. Our next workshop is on May 29th at 3pm BST and you can sign up here. This workshop will focus on the language we use in our classrooms to promote growth. Come and join us and spread the word!

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