Teacher Professional Development with Teach2030 First Live and Interactive Workshop

On Saturday 24th April, Teach2030 hosted its very first, live 15 minute workshop. Over 550 people from all over our global community subscribed, including those from Jamaica, Zambia, Pakistan, Liberia, the UK and India.

The short, snappy seminar’s objective was to introduce two formative assessment strategies to use at the start of the lesson to establish students’ prior knowledge. The session (led by Education Lead, Eleanor Sykes, and supported by Education Advisor, Alex Starr) began with definitions of formative and summative assessment. Interaction levels were high as learners reflected on how confidently they use strategies.

The team then introduced two simple-to-use formative assessment strategies that can be used effectively at the start of the lesson to help understand exactly what students know. 

As a simple way to establish factual knowledge, the ‘True/False’ strategy (from the course ‘Practical Active Learning‘) is quick and easy to plan and can provide an immediate oversight of the knowledge of the whole class.

A pair-discussion strategy, ‘Turn Talk’ (from the course ‘Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners’ encourages students to talk to each other to discuss and clarify their own knowledge, before sharing with the teacher and their peers.

Teach2030 had received many questions prior to the event from all over the world on their social media; Eleanor successfully provided detailed, succinct answers whilst remaining to the tight 15-minute time frame! When asked how to push learning further, she described useful questions, including ‘who else agrees/disagrees and why?

Every attendee who subscribed to this free event has exclusive access to an online forum, where they can discuss how they are implementing the formative assessment strategies learnt. They have also received exclusive access to additional resources, including downloadable posters, classroom scenarios and video links. There is even a competition, with the chance to win the prize of being the face of our May 2020 social media!

Remember that if you attended, share your workshop selfie on our social media platforms @teach2030 (Facebook) @commonwealth_education_trust (Instagram). Use the hashtags: #teach2030 #LearnitTryitShareit #teach2030training #commonwealtheducationtrust

We are looking forward to seeing you again this month for our next, free, live, interactive 15 minute workshop on Saturday 29th May about how to adapt your language in the classroom to promote a growth mindset. Remember to sign up here today!