Head Teachers’ Initiative is Vital for Teacher Development

The willingness of teachers to engage in teacher development activities is crucial to ensure successful teaching and learning. Teachers can gain the knowledge and skills necessary for effective teaching by participating in professional development.

As a Teach2030 Ambassador, I have had the opportunity to visit different schools and daycares in my country and interact with many teachers. My goal was to promote our mission of providing quality education for everyone and encourage the teachers in teacher development. Additionally, I tried to contact about 80 schools via email as I want to reach out to as many schools as possible, but unfortunately, I only received positive responses from 3 schools. However, the opposite scenario I found in the schools or daycares where I visit, and the main reason was the encouragement of the head teachers or the welfare department that manages the daycare. In an educational environment like Bangladesh, it is a far more effective way to encourage the teachers for their professional development with the help of the head teachers.

I believe that in today’s ever-evolving educational landscape, it is essential for teachers to come out of their traditional worldview and willingly take part in teacher development, and the head teachers can play a significant role in this matter. Their guidance, support, and encouragement for teachers’ personal and professional development can ensure that teachers are continuously learning and growing in their profession. With the right attitude, teachers can take advantage of various opportunities available to them such as professional development courses, conferences, workshops, and more.

Teach2030 is a revolutionary platform that connects teachers from all around the world and helps them to develop their skills without any cost. From my own experience, I must say, with its wide range of online coursesquestion-answer sessions, and workshops, Teach2030 provides teachers with the necessary tools to improve their teaching practices. Moreover, it includes courses and other support for the head teachers, coach, and facilitator.

So, I think it is time to move on from traditional teaching and start getting everyone involved in learning together. Start your journey towards progress with the Teach2030 team. 

Let’s all work together for the betterment of teaching in our own community. If you are a headteacher, take the Teach2030 Headteacher course to learn how to embed teacher professional development in your school today.

About the author

Humyra obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English from BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology in 2022. She is currently preparing to move abroad to pursue her Master’s degree in Education. In future, she plans to become a professor and conduct research in the field of education to ensure a quality and equal educational system in her country, Bangladesh.

Besides studying, she loves working with children and has been teaching at Kidpass for the last two years. Moreover, she serves SDG 4 as a volunteer and completed three UN volunteer projects. At present, she is a Teach2030 ambassador helping teachers in her community in developing their professional skills.

If you are a teacher and would like to take a free digital course to develop your skills, click on https://teach2030.com/online-teacher-courses/ now.