PLEASE NOTE these courses are for schools implementing Teach2030 courses with ALL teachers , they are designed as individual professional development courses.

Whole School Programme Online Courses

These courses are for Teach2030 facilitators, headteachers and coaches to implement the Teach2030 programme successfully in their schools.

The Teach2030 programme is designed for schools in lower-income countries.


Teach2030 Coach Course

Learn the key responsibilities of the Teach2030 coach and the vital role you play in the success of the Teach2030 programme.


Teach2030 Facilitator Course

Define your role as a Teach2030 facilitator by completing this informative and explanatory course.


Teach2030 Headteacher Course

Explore methods and create an action plan to ensure that the Teach2030 programme is implemented successfully in your school.

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Digital Learner
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