Teaching and Learning Around the World

One of my favourite jobs here at Teach2030 is looking through the feedback given by participants in our courses. It is so wonderful and yet so humbling to hear how our courses have improved your teaching and improved your learners’ experiences. It is enriching to hear how our strategies are allowing students to progress, have better outcomes and ultimately achieve even more success in their learning.

It is also heartening to hear about the confidence we have inspired within you all as well as how you are feeling more positive and reflective about your teaching. Our range of professional courses have allowed us into your classrooms and hopefully made teaching and delivery that bit easier in some respects.

It is also a pleasure to learn that we are reaching learners worldwide and in a variety of cultures and at varying degrees in your careers. For example Dinesh Rawat from Him Jyoti School, India has taken our Fresh Thinking for your classroom courses and is now reflecting more about his teaching style and delivery, recognising his tendency to speak too fast and adjusting his style. This has allowed his students to be more involved in their own learning.

Planning Lessons to Reach all Learners is another course we run and it is great to hear our strategies being successful in your classrooms; Rashidat B Uthman from Nigeria tells us how she has incorporated SMART targets in her teaching and learning which has allowed her to feel more successful and confident in herself and her learners.

I also love to hear teacher’s voices from around the world as we all have one objective in common; for our learners to be successful. We work hard on a daily basis to give the best possible chance for everyone in front of us to feel safe, supported and encourage to do their best. It is also great to hear that our teaching tips or strategies are working for you. Participants who have taken our Independent Learning course, report that the WWW/EBI strategy is proving useful along with the 3..2..1… countdown strategy to gain learners’ attention.

Ngozi Norah Ezeonyebuchi, a Science teacher, also from Nigeria, has been using the No Hands Up technique and reports, “No Hands Up helped to identify those that did not fully understand the concept taught which helped to become more flexible. It increased the engagement of the learners in the learning process. It gives me the opportunity to carry everyone along.”

Mayeselo Makhenjera, a Physics and Maths teacher from Malawi has also incorporated the No Hands up strategy explaining, “I used No hands up in my Chemistry class and learners were so attentive so that we should be together in case I ask them. I planned several questions and instructed them that no need to raise up a hand, I’ll randomly choose who to answer. Learners were very much active and learning was successful. Lesson objectives were achieved 98%.”

Your stories are so great to hear. It is a joy to hear your inspiration and in turn we feel inspired to keep going.

Thank you for your support Teach2030 community!