Fixed v Growth Mindset

A fixed mindset is when you believe that intelligence is something that you have or don’t have. 

  • You might have been raised to believe that everyone in your family is no good at Maths.
  • You might dislike challenges, as they make you think you that you’re not as clever as you would like to be. 
  • Or you give up easily, and see effort as a waste of time, as you either know it – or you don’t. 
  • You can feel threatened by someone who is able to do something you can’t do. 
  • You don’t believe you can get better at something.

growth mindset is when you have a strong belief that your intelligence can be developed. 

  • You welcome challenges as you see them as a chance to learn.
  • You continually ask yourself if you can improve something. 
  • You persevere when things get difficult, and keep going.
  • You see effort as a path to getting better at a skill, not as a reason to stop. 
  • You believe feedback is incredibly helpful, and positive criticism is a way to get better at things.
  • You are inspired by the success of others, and see it as another way to learn and succeed yourself.

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