Teach2030 Workshops: A Worldwide Community Impact

Since April, Teach2030 has been hosting live 15 minute workshops. In all, over 1500 people from all over our global community have subscribed, including those from Jamaica, Zambia, Pakistan, Liberia, the UK and Nigeria.

Last month, in our August workshop, we covered how to identify the key purpose of a lesson objective; construct objectives; and measure the success of lesson objectives. To learn more about the workshop content, please read the blog: ‘Our Teach2030 Live and Interactive Workshops: Update.’

It is now a few weeks later, and a good time to catch up with our worldwide community to discuss the impact that this content has had on our learners.

Liberia: James Wremongar, who currently serves as the Industrial Coordinator of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI). He is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and supervising all instructional staff.

‘I enjoyed all aspects of the August workshop. The topic under discussion was very rewarding and appropriate. The issue of writing learning objectives and using the appropriate action verbs that are specific, time bound , measurable , etc. caught my attention most.’

Nigeria: Moses Mosugu, a class teacher.

Because of the workshop, I hope to improve on my teaching by being conscious of the learning objectives I set per lesson. This will help me see from learners’ point of view. I enjoyed the chart showing a variety of words that are measurable for setting learning objectives. I already consciously look forward to the next workshop because I pick important takeaways for my teaching.

Azerbaijan: Tamara, a class teacher

It was very concise and reminded me what to focus on when checking what type of lesson objectives I was making. It showed how I can make it better in future, so that students can benefit from it. I will look at my past lesson plans, use your workshop guidance to make my planning better, creating more clear objectives for my students.

Jamaica: Nadine, a class teacher

I enjoyed the interactive activity where we got an opportunity to share via the chat feature what we have learnt. For example, reflecting on the scenario with the learning objectives and deciding on which one was more specific as it relates to what the students will do. I also like the list of examples provided with the various verbs that can be used to make our objectives more specific. It gives us as teachers, the opportunity to reflect on our present lesson plans and adjust them accordingly to meet the needs of our students.

I will now need to reflect on my lesson plans and look back at the objectives, then refer to information gleaned from the workshop and use it as a guide to make adjustments where necessary and ensure that when I’m planning my lessons the objectives are specific, measurable and achievable

So far the workshops have been great and timely. Continue to do what you are doing.

Zambia: SeraI Inambao, a headteacher from Nayamba Community School, Chisamba

‘The workshops are interactive and they include teachers from across the world. You get what the other teachers from the other side are going through, so you can compare your situation – that is good to me because all the learners across the world are moving together.’

From Indonesia to India to South Africa, we are delighted that our attendees are from so many different places around the world and that Teach2030 is continuing to have global impact. Which country will join us next? Will it be yours?

We look forward to seeing you again, in just a few weeks time, for our next, free, live, interactive 15 minute workshop. Join us on Saturday 25th September and Wednesday 29th September, where we discuss how to make lesson objectives more meaningful to our learners. Remember that you can sign up here today by clicking here: SIGN UP HERE TODAY.

If you attended, please share your workshop feedback on our social media platforms @teach2030 (Facebook) @commonwealth_education_trust (Instagram). Use the hashtags: #teach2030 #LearnitTryitShareit #teach2030training #commonwealtheducationtrust