Our Teach2030 Live and Interactive Workshops: Update

In April, Teach2030 began hosting its very first, live 15 minute workshops. In all, over 1500 people from all over our global community have subscribed, including those from Jamaica, Zambia, Pakistan, Liberia, India, Indonesia, the UK and Nigeria.

More recently, Education Lead, Eleanor Sykes, and Education Advisor, Alex Starr, have built a six month block that focuses on creating effective lessons to support the course ‘Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners.’ As a team, they felt that it was important to provide continuity and to model the planning that they hoped to see in their own learners.

This month’s workshop is the second in this block. As you can see, the objectives were to identify the key purpose of a lesson objective; construct objectives; and consider how to measure the success of lesson objectives. The session was led by Eleanor Sykes on Saturday and Alex Starr on Wednesday.

As part of an initiative to expand the global audience, they are now even streaming live to Facebook!

Teach2030 now also repeats the same workshop twice, generally on the last Wednesday and Saturday of each month, so that learners can best choose a day that suits them. With our community spanning multiple time zones, the start time always remains consistent.

After every workshop, learners have the opportunity to share feedback. Over the last few months, we have been delighted to have received some outstanding feedback:

Along with many others, Tasnim is now one of our many regular attendees. We are delighted when they make contributions throughout the workshop as the best way to learn is from each other.

Every attendee who subscribes to our free events by signing up through the sign up page of our website also has exclusive access to additional resources, including downloadable posters, classroom scenarios and video links. As Joyce Gomina, a teacher from Nigeria told us, ‘what you all do is amazing…and the follow-up emails are the icing on the cake!’

We are looking forward to seeing you again next month for our next, free, live, interactive 15 minute workshop on Saturday 25th September and Wednesday 29th September, where we discuss making lesson objectives more meaningful to your learners. Remember that you can sign up here today by clicking here: SIGN UP HERE TODAY.

Remember that if you attended, please share your workshop selfie on our social media platforms @teach2030 (Facebook) @commonwealth_education_trust (Instagram). Use the hashtags: #teach2030 #LearnitTryitShareit #teach2030training #commonwealtheducationtrust