The Professional Teacher: New CERTIFIED Workshop Course

All too often, initiatives that begin with the best intentions fail because a team doesn’t spend enough time talking to and learning from the community that they are trying to support. We won’t make the same mistake! We are continually looking for opportunities to connect with teachers working in all settings, to know and understand their strengths, their challenges and their frustrations.

So, after running our short, 15 minute, interactive workshops for 2 years, we have learnt so much! We have listened to the fact that you want our workshops to be certified and they now are! All you need to do is join us live or, if you can’t make it, watch us live after the event!

We want all teachers involved in our Teach2030 programmes to be confident, courteous professionals who are not only able to manage classrooms successfully, but also present themselves effectively in their place of work. That’s why our new workshop series supports our new course ‘How to be a Professional Teacher.’ In this short workshops series, you’ll gain additional information on professionalism.

Teachers are encouraged to participate with comments in the chat function, and, when possible, to share their thoughts and ideas verbally too. We have seen teachers standing in the middle of rural Zambia, three hours from the nearest town, accessing our workshops on Zoom through their smartphones! They have shared their ideas on how to write clear lesson objectives, model learning when you have few resources, give effective feedback, and so much more.  From moderating and listening to what teachers say, we have taken note, using this to inform our courses, our social media, our workshops, and really, everything we do.  

Every attendee who subscribes to our free events by signing up through the sign up page of our website also has exclusive access to additional resources, including downloadable posters, classroom scenarios and video links. As Joyce Gomina, a teacher from Nigeria told us, ‘what you all do is amazing…and the follow-up emails are the icing on the cake!

We are looking forward to seeing you again this month for our next, free, live, interactive 15 minute workshop on Monday 24th September, where we will define what a professional teacher looks like and behaviours that are seen as professional/unprofessional. You can sign up here today by clicking here: SIGN UP HERE TODAY.

Remember that if you attended, please share your workshop selfie on our social media platforms @teach2030 (Facebook) @commonwealth_education_trust (Instagram). Use the hashtags: #teach2030 #teach2030training #commonwealtheducationtrust

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