The importance of reflection: Independent Learning for Teachers

It’s that time of year when the academic year is drawing to a close and students are preparing for their holidays, therefore it is a perfect time for reflection and goal setting.

Independent Learning is not just a strategy that we can use in our classrooms to support our students – it is also highly relevant for ourselves.

As teachers, it is our responsibility to ensure we are always developing and honing our skills, becoming better at what we do by constantly reflecting and measuring. Could we have delivered that lesson in a better way? Have we reached all the learners today? Do we need to find alternative strategies to support individual learners?

Our practice in the classroom is always the starting point for reflection as our role is primarily the education of our students. We want success and achievement for our students so we need to make sure we are delivering our content in a way that leads to success and progress.

In order to do that, we must consider our strategies and approaches in delivering lessons and whether we could improve. Introducing pair or group work shown in the video below, could be a new strategy that you could use.

Turning to a Learning Partner is an effective method of reflection as an objective point of view could help raise awareness about our strategies and our teaching methods. They may offer alternative strategies and thoughts to consider that we may not have thought about.

Following on from classroom practice, this is also a time to reflect upon our careers. It is a time to consider our Teacher Portfolios and update them where necessary; have you got all your achievements in order? Have you included relevant evidence of professional development that you have taken part in? Remember, this is a document that could support career progression and promotion. It is only right that we do justice to it and to ourselves.

Career progression is the next step in this time of reflection. Are you content with your role or would you like to move forwards, to more managerial roles? What do you need to do to accomplish this?

Maybe you could talk to colleagues about any upcoming opportunities and research roles. Perhaps you may have some suggestions about the development of your school that you could offer up to present managers.

It is a time for goal setting and action planning. Let’s get ready for the next academic year! Be an independent learner and a model for your students.

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