NEW! Developing Students’ Independent Learning Skills: Part 1

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Teachers traditionally have tended to lead our classrooms by standing at the front, but is this best for our students? How can we encourage students to be less dependent and more active? By taking this ownership of learning, we are providing them with the lifelong skills they need for their future work lives.

This course builds on ‘Practical Active Learning for Your Classroom,’ which introduces ways to make your learners more engaged. In this course, we define independent learning and how it differs from whole class learning.

This course has the following objectives: 

  • To define independent learning and how it differs from whole class learning  
  • To discuss the benefits of independent learning and students taking responsibility for their own learning 
Average Review Score:
Insightful and thought-provoking!

I am grateful for this course because I have garnered knowledge to help me identify when I am doing a teacher-led vs student-led class. I have also learned strategies and activities to implement in my classroom to encourage an independent learning environment.


I have always believed that independent work of learners help them achieve much more and get them involved in whatever task they are assigned. Going through this course has emphasise that.
Thank you.

I really enjoyed this course, developing students' independent learning skill. Thank you so much.s

Amazing lecture.

Very insightful

This course really helps in understanding the importance of independent learning.
These skills will not only help the learner but his/her classmates also.
It also promotes the value responsibility at school.

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