Teach2030’s Ambitious Ambassadors!

All charities need ambassadors; those who advocate their cause and purpose, and send the message out into local communities. And we are no different! Last month, in November 2020, we proudly launched our Ambassador programme.

What is the role of a Teach2030 Ambassador?Our ambassadors help raise awareness of the Teach2030 objectives, which help to develop teaching skills through a digital programme; encouraging teachers to model the continuous learning and growth expected in their own classrooms. Globally, our ambassadors take a leading role in promoting the message of professional development to their networks by showing the benefits of strategies employed from our courses.They help us to reach new teachers, on ground level and in hard to reach areas, whether they are in Zambia, Nigeria, Jamaica, India, or the Philippines.

The power of someone in your community telling you that this is a great programme is second to none.’ Henry Anumudu, Founder and Executive Director of Sharing Life Africa, and a supporter of Teach2030.

Ambassadors form the face of Teach2030 in their community and are changing education for the better.

Who are the Teach2030 ambassadors?

Our Teach2030 ambassadors are known to us personally and are also committed to teacher professional development. All eight of our current ambassadors finished at least two Teach2030 courses with an 80% pass rate and then completed the Ambassador welcome course. As both existing and former teachers, they understand how to model Teach 2030 best practice, showing evidence in their learning portfolio of practising pedagogy in the classroom. Ambitious and driven, they are passionate about learning; striving to help other teachers develop their skills and aiming to improve education in their own community.

As confident users of their smartphone, our ambassadors can easily access a range of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. This is important, as Teach 2030 recognises that online learning through the smartphone is the future of low-cost access to high quality and contextualised professional development. With a dedicated Ambassador webpage and monthly village digital workshops, they continue to achieve their professional development goals – for example modelling the growth mindset that they now expect in their learners – whilst integrating and expanding their technological skills.

Hope Chiundira, Chisawasha School, Central Province, Zambia with her teacher portfolio.

How do I follow a Teach2030 Ambassador?

Our ambassadors will soon feature prominently on our social media sites, including posts on Instagram and hosting Facebook live events, so remember to join and follow our professional community. Additionally, over the coming months, we will be interviewing them for this blog. 

We recognise their hard work by celebrating them on our Ambassador webpage, which is also where we announce our ambassador of the month.
For more details on the Ambassador role and information about openings, visit the Ambassador sign-up page.

Written by Alexandra Starr

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