Teach 2030 Powers TPD

I am Abdlhamid Giwa from Nigeria, a teacher at Smart Vision Academy Abuja, volunteering as a Teach2030 Ambassador. Joining the Teach2030 team has helped in shaping my leadership skills. My learning journey with Teach2030 has been a wonderful voyage, assisting me in learning contemporary teaching practice.  I feel sharing my story will inspire fellow teachers out there in this great community to gain the skills needed to inspire their learners.

My journey with Teach2030 dated back to 2020 when I stumbled on the Growth Mindset Course for Teachers and Learners on the Alison learning platform. The course changed my whole perspective on teaching, how to give feedback to my learners, and fostering a healthy relationship with my learners, and was also the springboard that inspired me to go all out for this profession. 

“The quickest way to improve a school is for the people inside the school to work on improving themselves.” – David Geurin (Author of Future Driven)

For our learners to thrive and fit into the future, our teaching system must shift from a traditional system to a modern approach. This can only be achieved if teachers are armed with the necessary skills to get the job done. This prompted me to apply to become a Teach2020 Ambassador to spread the rare opportunities to teachers out there, especially those teaching in low-income settings, to get equipped with the necessary skills and contribute to the story of human experience.

Apart from taking courses on the website, the monthly workshop is another wonderful approach to developing professionally as a teacher. The workshop is handled by professionals and well presented in a short time frame. It is well curated to engage the teachers with an effective approach to staying ahead of the curve in class and the post-event materials will help you to stay on track regarding the month’s discussion topic. You can also re-watch the previous workshops on the YouTube channel and also sign up for the next one here.

In conclusion, Teach2030 has been helping teachers to break barriers, connect with their learners, and build a global community where teachers can learn from each other and build a professional network. It’s therefore imperative for fellow teachers out there to maximize this golden opportunity for professional development, by taking up courses on the Teach2030 platform, attending the monthly workshops, looking out for weekly tips, and making sure practices learned on this journey are well implemented and shared with colleagues.

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