Scaling Up Our Workshops: Doubling Our Sessions With A Long Term Plan

Throughout June and July, the Commonwealth Education Trust has been hosting a Teach2030 workshop based on how to reflect on the language used when giving verbal feedback to ensure teachers extend and include all learners.

Within the workshop, Education Lead, Eleanor Sykes outlined the differences between verbal, non-verbal and written feedback, before highlighting the importance that any feedback given, should focus on skill, rather than performance or effort.

Our first session was on Saturday June 26th, with learners signing up through the Teach2030 website; however, since then, Teach2030 has hosted multiple Facebook Live events, at a range of times on Wednesday 14th July. As our community grows, we are exploring more ways to connect with Teach2030 teachers – and to help them connect with each other and learn from shared experiences. Our first Facebook Live was definitely a steep learning curve for the team!

From this month, we are excited to announce a block of monthly workshops that support our ‘Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners’ course. Last month, in our blog ‘Reflect and Prepare: Time to Upskill,‘ we emphasised the importance of using the summer break (that many of our colleagues worldwide are now on) to prepare for the next academic year. These free, interactive, short workshops are the perfect opportunity to use our time effectively to learn new skills that focus on lesson planning.

As we continue to meet the needs of our Teach2030 global community, we will now repeat the same workshop twice. Teachers can choose the day that suits them! With our community spanning multiple time zones, we have decided to remain consistent to 3pm British time. If you are struggling to decipher the time this is in your country, please send us a message today or click here to enter the time where you live and see that time it is in the UK!

We look forward to seeing you on either Wednesday 28th or Saturday 31st July, where we review how to identify an effective lesson plan. To sign up, visit: Online Workshops — Teach2030

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