New Year, New Connections: Build Your Teach 2030 Community

Welcome to a new year of learning with Teach2030!

In 2021, here at Teach 2030, one of our objectives is to use our social media platforms more to support your learning. Every month this year on our Facebook and Instagram pages, we will highlight different lessons that you might want to implement in your classroom. We want to build a Teach2030 community where you feel confident discussing ways to improve your teaching with other teachers across the world. Let’s work together to make that happen!

How to join our community:

For more information on any of these steps or support on how to download and use social media, take our free course ‘Become a Digital Learner’. There are are clear instructions on how to build a digital network, which is important for sharing and celebrating best practice and ideas. By taking ‘Become a Digital Learner,’ learn how to improve subject knowledge using a smartphone device to search for information and videos on websites. Once you have implemented our WiFi tips that save money on data, feeling connected to our Teach2030 network should feel inexpensive, rewarding and inspiring! 

Our Ambassadors are a group of individuals committed to building local Teach 2030 communities. Ambitious and driven, they are passionate about learning; striving to help other teachers develop their skills and aiming to improve education in their own community.

Click for further information on our Ambassadors

Teach2030 recognises that online learning through the smartphone is the future of low-cost access to high quality and contextualised professional development. Develop your skills and model the growth expected in their learners by joining our Teach 2030 social media community on Facebook and Instagram.

Contribute to the conversation on all our social media platforms. Share our ‘Joining Up’ posters by uploading them to your social media and use the hashtags: #commonwealtheducationtrust #teach2030 #sdg4 #LearnitTryitShareit

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