How to plan for inclusion and differentiation: A Teach2030 workshop series

Have you ever felt left out of a situation? I certainly have. It is when you are excluded and separated from others around you. Unfortunately, these feelings can occur in the classroom too. As teachers, we need to aim to be including all of our learners and making them feel a sense of belonging.

That’s why, based on listening to feedback from our learners as to what you want and need, from February 2023 to June 2023, we are hosting a 5 part workshop series covering Differentiation and Inclusion: How to adapt lessons to suit the needs of all my learners. At only 15 minutes, these bitesize workshops provide additional value to our contextualized Teach2030 courses, and are for all teachers who are eager to upskill their Teacher Professional Development (TPD).

The first workshop in the series occurred on Tuesday 21st February. Within this workshop, our host, Sustainability Development Consultant, Priya, and co-host, Teach2030 Ambassador Shubhangi, discussed how people can be different and how this can make them feel excluded in a classroom. They then defined inclusion.

”Inclusive education means…real learning opportunities for groups who have traditionally been excluded – not only children with disabilities, but speakers of minority languages too”.


Priya and Shubhangi outlined a very simple strategy for promoting inclusion: welcoming students into the classroom in their own language. This encourages intercultural understanding and ensures respect for different groups in society.  Students also learn to respect their own individuality and also that of others.

To rewatch the workshop and gain more strategies that they discussed, please visit our YouTube page. You can join our next workshop on 28th March using this link workshop link.

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