Ending 2021: Teach2030’s Worldwide Impact

It has been a busy month for the global Teach2030 community. We are delighted to see that so many of our users, from all over the world, are engaging with our online courses and free, digital workshops! It’s time to catch up with a few of them and see what strategies they are implementing in their classrooms!


Our ‘Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners’ course is a comprehensive and detailed guide. Learners build a lesson plan throughout the course. Many teachers from Liberia have completed this course recently.

I have learnt a lot from the course about lesson planning. This course reminded me that no matter what the situation may be, whether we are new to teaching or have spent many years in the classroom, consistent effective lesson planning is essential for successful experiences in both teaching and learning.

I am going to analyse my lesson plan and make it more effective, beginning with the end in mind.

I enjoyed learning about success criteria the most because it is the step-by-step method used to achieve the overall learning objectives of the lesson. With this, both the learners and the instructor are able to make accurate assessment about progress – something that is vital to effective continuous lesson planning. I used success criteria with my computer class. This is because my students had a fear of accomplishing the overall objectives of the lesson. I encouraged my computer class to be strong and determined. Following that, I divided the objectives of the lesson into segments that I feel will be simple to understand and achieve.

This strategy works well. It gives my students the courage to actively participate in the lesson with the understanding that the objective is achievable if they work harder. My students became more attentive and involved with the lesson in class. Through this, the class got interesting and competition for success became their individual priority.

I felt so amazing and was willing to guide them through the process.

Namuyon Cooper
Eliza Collins’ classroom, Liberia


Our Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners course has been the focus of our free, interactive, monthly workshops for the past six months. Two teachers from Nigeria tell us how they are being upskilled by the workshops.

I will embed all I learned about the role of a teacher in independent learning. I love the ‘Pause and React’ strategy .

Amudipe Sola
Amudipe Sola’s implementing Teach2030 strategies in her classroom.

I enjoyed the part where the participants were asked to complete an example on how to model the lesson on a given example about using adjectives. Modelling in my lessons meets the learners’ needs. I can do this by showing them how I performed each steps. I need to speak out loud while modelling. The posters (after the event) were very useful, since I can download them and reflect on them. 

Oluwatosin Oluwole 

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As part of the ‘Fresh Thinking’ course, we encourage reflection by teachers recording themselves in the classroom, watching themselves back and then completing a self-assessment table. This can be with the help of a learning partner; someone to help support, advise, challenge, listen to and celebrate with.  Two of our Zambian teachers discuss the impact of this process.

I took a video of myself teaching. then I watched the recording and took notes of my class approach. My learning partner was there to help me take the video. I saw myself not effectively able to communicate with the learners in class. I was more teacher centred than being learner centred. It brought a lot of change in the learners in that, they could be able to interact and make learning a safe activity for them. 


It was so interesting viewing myself teaching. This helped me observe both my weaknesses and strengths.

Self-reflection through the video recording was good. After the review from the video, I was able see that I needed to adjust in the way I communicate with learners in class.

It helped reflect on real sense of that teacher needs to be open and flexible.

It really brought to the learners the access of interacting with their teacher with less barriers of threats and teacher centeredness. 


Thank you to all our Teach2030 community for making 2021 such a success! We are so proud of all that you have achieved and that you are choosing to continue to upskill yourselves. We wish you all a happy festive season and we look forward to working with you all in 2022!