Are you a Growth Mindset Teacher?

As teachers it is vital that we uphold a growth mindset; it is the very nature of what we do for a living and we must ensure we understand what that means in order to continue progressing and developing in our careers.

As teachers it is important to understand and accept that we too, just like the students we teach, are a work in progress. We are constantly learning, developing and enhancing our skills and abilities and so should this be.

We evolve just as much as we want our students to and it is important to take ownership of our growth so that we can then aspire to be better at what we do and even ultimately become promoted to higher roles and responsibilities within our institutions.

Our students are at the heart of what we do, rightly so. To be able to give them the best experiences of learning we need to open our minds to new methodologies, new strategies and new approaches to delivering our subject matter. We do this through Teacher Professional Development (TPD).

Yes, if we are lucky, our institutions will provide basic TPD for us. It may be compulsory to attend weekly or fortnightly sessions in school where we are lectured at about aspects of teaching or aspects of education. But is this enough?

No. It should not be. Taking ownership is our responsibility; it is not healthy to stay static in our learning and it is not demonstrating a growth mindset. To triumph professionally we must be proactive in our own development. It could be in the form of taking digital courses such as Teach2030 has to offer. It could be in the form of working with a learning partner and sharing experiences of teaching to promote improved performance together in a non-threatening way. It could be in the form of maintaining a learning portfolio, recording successes, achievements and areas for development.

This growth mindset attitude is key to growing as a professional and as a teacher, for you and for your students. Through experiencing more TPD you will become better at what you do; it will give you more ideas and confidence to try new strategies in the classroom for an improved outcome. Take a Growth Mindset course through Teach2030 and experiment in your classroom. Explore ways to encourage a deeper level of learning and alternative approaches of delivery.

Become a Growth Mindset teacher.

Embrace teacher professional development with a Growth Mindset with Teach2030


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