Webinar for Guidance Counsellors, Principals and Teachers in Jamaica

On Friday 19th February, we hosted over 100 education professionals from Jamaica in a Zoom webinar.

From primary to secondary school teachers to headteachers and school counsellors, a whole range of roles from the teaching community joined our Teach2030 Webinar about how to upskill themselves and improve the education of the their learners.

The event was organised by our Ambassador in Jamaica, teacher and guidance counsellor Shirlette Ferrari, and was delivered by our Head of Education Eleanor Sykes, mediated by our educational advisor Alexandra Starr, and with our CEO Kat Thorne in attendance too!

I’ve been an educator for 28 years and I’ve always believed in professional development, having personally benefitted immensely from training courses. I’m committed to improving my country’s education system. Teach2030 will help improve our teachers and students.

Today, we celebrate Shirlette for showing such initiative and determination. Her ability to model and promote the growth mindset expected in learners is admirable and reflects the attributes that Teach 2030 promotes.

Thank you to all those who attended and we are delighted to welcome you to our Teach2030 community.

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