Record Your Professional Development

Following our March Workshop, take a look at the below to continue your learning on the topic. If you want to develop your teaching practice even further then take our courses.

Learning Portfolio

We outlined why it is important to record your professional development in a portfolio. Afterwards, we made suggestions about what to keep within it.

Action Plan

In the workshop, we discussed action plans and how they can be used to show that you are continuously learning. Download your blank action plan now.

Classroom Scenario

Read the following teaching scenario and consider the following questions: 

  1. How does the teaching portfolio help Mr Tembo to get his promotion? 
  1. What is the impact of the teaching portfolio on Mr Mwale?  

Teaching Scenario: 

Mr Tembo has decided that he would like a promotion, as he has been teaching the same role for ten years. Meanwhile, his headteacher, Mr Mwale, posts an advert for Deputy Headteacher. 

Mr Tembo fills in a job application and receives an interview. In the interview, Mr Mwale asks him what evidence he can provide that he is a motivated person and that he can motivate others. 

Thankfully, Mr Tembo has brought his teaching portfolio to the interview, as he knew that it might help him to answer questions. He begins by turning to his action plan section, where he shows Mr Mwale how, over time, he has successfully managed to implement different teaching strategies into the classroom. He presents him with the feedback that others gave to him, and that he has given to others. He is glad that he remembered to record this in his portfolio. Mr Mwale can see the direct progression and journey of Mr Mwale’s learning and how he has helped other colleagues. The impact of the evidence that he has worked collaboratively with several different learning partners is clear. Finally, Mr Tembo shows Mr Mwale all the certificates of digital teacher professional courses that he has completed.  

Mr Mwale is impressed by Mr Tembo’s organisation, dedication and thoroughness. He can see that Mr Tembo really cares about his career and that he is always willing to learn. He gives Mr Tembo the promotion and Mr Tembo is delighted. 

If you want to develop your teaching practice even further then take our courses

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