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As teachers, it can feel a lonely experience. I know there are many days when you enter the school in the morning, teach class-after-class, barely have a moment for a break, and leave in the evening without interacting with another adult. This means that all teachers can do to improve their own teaching is to reflect on their lesson plans and monitor the learning of the students in the classroom. Although the importance of this should not be underestimated, it is not the only way to develop professionally.

There are therefore many benefits to being part of a community. A professional community of teachers that can share their ideas of pedagogy provides a safe space to grow, learn and try new strategies in the classroom.

In my view, Teach 2030 is the best community for self-motivation to work in the educational field, as well as motivating fellow teachers to improve themselves.

Humyra Anjum Maliha, one of our Teach2030 Ambassadors and a teacher in Bangladesh

Here at Teach2030, there are many ways to join our community.

Our Workshops

These workshops run 3pm on the final Wednesday of every month. This month’s will be co-hosted by James Carbah, our Liberian Teach2030 Ambassador. The topic will be ‘No-Hands-Up’. This strategy aims to engage your students in their learning. After the live, 15-minute event, you will receive post-event materials, which help guide you to implement the strategy discussed into your classroom. To sign up for the next event, click here.

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We also like to celebrate our teachers! Every week, we run our ‘Teacher of the Week.’ Teachers are nominated by other members of the Teach2030 community; this might be by Teach2030 Ambassadors, other social media followers or one of the Education Team. To follow us on Facebook, and get nominated, click here.

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Do you prefer watching videos to looking at images? Our YouTube channel is the perfect place to re-watch workshops and chose your own teaching strategy to upskill yourself with. To watch us on YouTube, click here.

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For several years, I have revelled in building a worldwide Teach2030 community. Let’s continue this journey together and make our professional learning community THE place to be for teachers globally!