Fresh Thinking for Natukunda Phionah’s Classroom

Our ‘Fresh Thinking’ course asks learners to examine their own experiences of education and consider how these shaped them as teachers. This month, we spotlight Natukunda Phionah, who undertook this course and explains the impact the strategies are having in her classroom.

I enjoyed the part thinking about good teaching practices. I actually noticed that the reason why most students have a negative attitude towards learning is because most teachers have poor teaching practices and this affects even the student’s performance due to demotivation about learning.

As part of the course, we encourage reflection, though completion of a self-assessment table or by teachers recording themselves in the classroom and watching themselves back.

The experience was so interesting and helpful. In some instances, I wasn’t audible enough, so the students could not hear me.

This immediately changed Natukunda’s use of her voice whilst teaching.

Yet, this is not the only way we promote reflection in our learners. Teach2030 encourages learners to interact with a learning partner. Everyone needs someone who supports, advises, challenges, listens, and celebrates our achievements. As teachers, we all have experiences and ideas to share with others. By discussing what we are doing, we pass on our own knowledge through informal conversations and our everyday teaching practice.

Through our discussions, we have shared experiences and learnt a lot from each other and I am going encourage this collaboration spirit in my students.

After every lesson, we hold discussions and we are coming up with different points of view and valid examples that we have been encountering in our previous practice. We also discuss what we would do differently after acquiring this knowledge.

I have applied the positive ideas I learnt from my partner, for example how the learner-centered approach of teaching made her class more lively and interesting. I have applied it.

For Natukunda, the impact that this has had in her classroom is clear and profound, increasing both her motivation as a teacher, and that of her students.

I have come to realise that students actually have their own opinion about certain things, Once given the chance to express themselves, it gives them a sense of satisfaction. I have actually learnt a lot from my students.

All our courses also encourage learners to create an action plan where we ask them to think about what has been learnt about teaching practice from the course in relation to the activities completed. Natukunda was delighted to share hers:

When we asked Natukunda for some final thoughts, her response was:

Your programme is just too good. I enjoyed everything.’

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