Growth Mindsets for Teachers and Learners Part 2

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Welcome to Teach2030

To gain the most from this course, you need to complete Growth Mindsets for Teachers and Learners Part 1 first. Part 2 will provide you with opportunities to reflect on your approach and language you use when teaching, and achieve even higher learning outcomes from your students. Part 1 also contains information on the importance of working with a learning partner and keeping a teacher portfolio. Learning partners and portfolios are referred to throughout Part 2, so make sure you have completed Part 1 first.

The course assessment includes questions on both Part 1 and Part 2, and 80% pass rate is required to earn a Teach2030 certificate.

Course Objectives

  • Explore the term ‘growth mindset’ and how it supports life-long learning
  • Reflect on your teaching and use of feedback
  • Practise how to give effective and meaningful feedback and praise
  • Plan for teaching and learning in ways that help to build a growth mindset in your learners
  • Build an action plan to ensure planning for a growth mindset