Fresh Thinking for Your Classroom: Part 2

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Welcome to Fresh Thinking for Your Classroom Part 2. This course continues from Part 1 and asks you to look even deeper into your teaching style. It includes engaging activities and supports you to write your action plan to enable you to continue developing your teaching practice. The course assessment includes questions on both Part 1 and Part 2, and 80% pass rate is required to earn a Teach2030 certificate. Part 1 also contains information on the importance of working with a learning partner and keeping a teacher portfolio. Learning partners and portfolios are referred to throughout Part 2, so make sure you have completed Part 1 first.

Please note that you will need to have completed Fresh Thinking for Your Classroom Part 1 to be able to complete the course assessment and earn your Teach2030 certificate.

Course Objectives

  • Compare examples of good and poor teaching
  • Examine your own experiences as a learner and how they have shaped you as a teacher
  • Reflect on your own teaching practice
  • Identify your own areas of strength
  • Choose areas you wish to develop to improve your teaching practice