Making Learning Objectives Meaningful

Following our January Workshop, take a look at the below to continue your learning on the topic.

Smart Learning Objectives Poster

As we explored in the workshop, it is vital to construct learning objectives for each lesson, that you can use, refer to throughout, and measure their impact at the end of the lesson. This downloadable image is very helpful as a reference tool – print it out or re-create it yourself, and keep it in your teaching portfolio or by your desk to help keep your lesson objectives on track

Introducing learning Objectives Poster

We must plan time into our lessons to introduce the learning objective, to make sure the purpose of the lesson is clear and that learners know exactly what they are doing – and why! Use the strategies we explored in the workshop and demonstrated in the poster below, or research and create your own. 

Pause and React Poster

What you do during the independent learning is almost as important as when you introduce the lesson itself. Use this PAUSE and REACT poster to help you use a range of strategies and continue to support your class while they are working on their own.