Independent Learning

Following our October Workshop, take a look at the below to continue your learning on the topic.

Activity 1

In the workshop, the problem of a shortage of materials in the classroom was highlighted, and how this may prevent our students from independent learning. As a solution, try dividing the class into small groups. Giving each member a clear role means independent learning is achievable. Download these posters that define the key roles of a group

Activity 2

A quick reflection activity 

Below is a quick, TVEC classroom scenario that outlines why it is important to explain independent learning tasks clearly to our students. 

Consider carefully Mr Kamara’s role:  

  • How does he use this example to demonstrate how to complete the independent task successfully? 
  • How does Mr Kamara check that the class has understood the independent learning task? 
  • Why does Mr Kamara leave time for questions?  


Mr Kamara is teaching Construction Technology, specifically how to solve equations 

He begins his lesson by saying, “Class, on your own, solve this equation and find the value of x: 2x+2=x+4. 

The students turn to him confused. 

Mr Kamara immediately realises that he has not clearly explained the task, so the class is struggling to complete the equation independently. So, he walks to the chalkboard and writes out the equation. He states out loud what he is doing, as he is doing it, modelling the learning. 

“X represents the unknown value. Aim to get the unknown value on just one side of the equation, so begin by subtracting x from each side, so that it simplifies the equation. This becomes x+2 =4. Now, can you see how we can –2 from both sides and still have whole numbers across the equation? Ok, so let’s do that. We now have x=2. 

Ok, now your turn. I have shown you how to complete the task and the steps you need:  

  1. Write the equation out. 
  1. Find the common denominators on both sides. Simplify them. 
  1. Leave x by itself on one side.  

Now, I’d like you to complete this equation for me: x+3 = 2x+1. Remind me. What do you have to do to complete this task successfully?” 

Emmanuel puts his hand in the air, “Sir, we will need to simplify the equation. We need to write the equation down and work out how to leave x by itself. This requires subtraction from both sides.”  

“Excellent, Emmanuel. Any questions?” 

He waits a minute. The students have none, so they begin the task. 

Would you like more tips on Indendepent Learning? Watch this video below.

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