Digital Learner

Following our November Workshop, take a look at the below to continue your learning on the topic.

Hashtag Ideas

Suggested hashtags you could use:

  • #welding etc (or sewing, plumbing, weaving etc)
  • #teachingstrategies
  • #givingfeedback
  • #vocationaltraining

and keep going with your own ideas!

Useful Websites

Here are your ideas – do share any other great websites with your fellow TVET teachers. 

  • https://www.purplemath.com/
  • https://www.mathsisfun.com/
  • https://www.lunchboxsessions.com/
  • https://vidmate.fan/
  • https://www.iedunote.com/

Activity 1

Below is a quick, TVET classroom scenario that outlines why it is important to refresh our own pedagogical knowledge and ideas, even when teaching the same topics year after year. It is a simple example, but it highlights the importance of keeping knowledge fresh and up-to-date, as well as not always teaching a lesson in the same way. 

  • How does Ms Kashewe use the internet to refresh her teaching? 
  • What impact does the research Ms Kashewe does have on her students? 


Ms Kashewe is teaching her class of TVET students how to write a budget as part of their hospitality course. It is always one of the areas that the students find the most difficult to grasp. Yet, she still teaches the lesson using the same lesson plans from when she began teaching this topic nearly six years ago. 

At the end of the topic, she looks at the students’ work and sighs. Why can they not add the sums up correctly? Why do they keep forgetting to include VAT? Why have they not remembered to include staff costs in the quote? 

She decides to use the internet to see if she can find a way of making it clearer. She types in ‘how to write a budget for an event’ into Google and was amazed at the content she saw. She clicked on the ‘images’ tab at the top, and saw some great infographics that gave her fresh ideas for how to structure the topic. There was one spreadsheet that she thought she could adapt to suit her lesson objective, which demonstrated how to enter the data in a different way that could make the sums easier to calculate. In addition, she found an excellently constructed checklist, which she adapted for her topic, to ensure her students remembered everything they needed to do when writing a budget.  

Ms Kashewe teaches the lesson to another class. At the end, Dominique enthusiastically comes to her and says, ‘Ms Kashewe, this checklist is really useful. It is a good way of me remembering everything that I need to do to complete the task successfully.’