Turn Talk

Following our July Workshop, take a look at the below to continue your learning on the topic. If you want to develop your teaching practice even further then take our courses.

Useful Poster

In the workshop, we emphasised the importance of providing your students with clear instructions.

Classroom Scenario

Mr Ortega is preparing to teach Year 2 English. His objective is ‘to select vocabulary that describes a scary place.’ He has decided to give each pair a picture of a different scary location and make them think of vocabulary. 

What instructions should Mr Ortega provide on how to use Turn Talk? 

Mr Ortega decides to give out the photos. He then points to his Turn Talk poster that is on his wall. He says: 

“Firstly, each pair should number themselves ‘Person 1’ and ‘Person 2.’ 

Both Person 1 and Person 2 should begin by looking at the picture. Person 1 should tell Person 2 their vocabulary ideas. Person 2 should listen attentively, not interrupting Person 2.  

When Person 1 is finished, Person 2 can encourage Person 1 by supporting their ideas. They could make suggestions for better words. They can also give their own ideas. 

After Person 2 is finished, both Person 1 and Person 2 should turn to the front and wait patiently for the rest of the class.  

I will then decide which of you will share your ideas.’ 

Mr Ortega then modelled Turn Talk with a student. Once the class understood, he let the students begin the task.  

If you want to develop your teaching practice even further then take our courses

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