Own Your TPD Supporting Each Other’s Professional Development

Following our February Workshop, take a look at the below to continue your learning on the topic. If you want to develop your teaching practice even further then take our courses.

Activity 1

In the workshop, we discussed how social media can be used to share knowledge of different teaching strategies. Download this free poster that outlines the key steps for successfully collaborating.

Activity 2

Read the following teaching scenario and consider the following questions:

  • How does Mrs Patrice use digital skills to build a community that helps her to professionally develop?
  • How does the relationship between Mrs Patrice and Mr Mahonda help them both to feel supported and develop professionally?

To what extent are you surprised that Mr Mahonda needed support too?

Teaching Scenario:

At the beginning of the school year, the head teacher told Mrs Patrice to teach Economics to Grade 11. Mrs Patrice had never taught this before, as she was used to teaching Grade 9, so she began to panic about the subject matter. She needed to collate together lots of information, so she formulated a plan.

Firstly, she set up a WhatsApp group named ’Economics Grade 11’ with other teachers that she had met before but did not teach in her school. She added them and asked them if they knew anyone who could join their group that had taught the subject level before. One teacher added three people, who then each added two more. All the members shared facts and useful website addresses. One teacher even sent her several worksheets (as attachments) that they could all read through and adapt for their own classroom.

Then, Mrs Patrice approached her in-school colleague, Mr Mahonda, as he had taught Grade 11 for many years. Mr Mahonda offered to observe Mrs Patrice once a month and provide feedback. He also reassured her that he would answer any questions that she had.

Before the first observation, Mrs Patrice felt nervous. She told Mr Mahonda and he reassured her that this was not a formal observation, and it was just an opportunity for him to help her. She felt very reassured. During the observation, Mr Patrice realised that he had a useful worksheet that Mrs Patrice could use next lesson to progress the learning further. After the observation, he praised Mrs Patrice, as she had used some practical active learning strategies that were suitable for the group. He then showed her the worksheet that he had previously used. She was delighted and she felt supported. She mentioned to him that she was now a member of a WhatsApp group full of colleagues who would also find this worksheet useful. She asked him if he would like to join the group and for permission to share his worksheet. He was delighted to be asked, and immediately said yes. Despite many years of teaching Grade 11, he had come to feel quite alone. Now, he longer felt this.

Want to understand the importance learning partners? Watch this video below.


If you want to develop your teaching practice even further then take our courses