Digital Glossary

If you ever get stuck with a meaning for a word or phrase, we’ve put together a glossary of terms to help you continue your digital learning journey. If you’re interested in improving your digital skills, then why not enrol onto our Become a Digital Learner: Using Your Smartphone (Beginner).

AudioA sound
Back ButtonThe method used to exit the site
ChatbotsA chatbot is a software application used to conduct an online chat conversation via text instead of direct contact with a live human
CookiesSmall pieces of information that a website can save
Credible SourceA factually accurate website
DataA way of connecting to the internet that is paid for by the smartphone user
DownloadThe saving of a file from the internet
Drop-down barA menu of hyperlinks
Fake NewsThe deliberate lie or omission of the truth on a website
FavouritesA collection of your most visited webpages
GalleryA collection of images/videos on your device
HistoryA list of all the webpages visited
HyperlinkA method of visiting a new webpage
ImageA still picture
InputThe insertion of new information on a website
Mailing ListRegular emails sent from the same website
Pop-UpsA new webpage that opens over another one
ScreenshotThe capture of information a screen
Search EngineA way of finding new information
Sign-UpThe registration of a new account
Signing into an account you have previously created.
WebsiteA group of related webpages
WebpageA single page on a website
VideoA moving image
UnsubscribeThe stopping of receiving emails from a mailing list
UploadThe placement of a file onto a website
URLThe webpage identity
WiFiA way of connecting to the internet wirelessly (without wires)

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